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Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone,Foam Glass,Cellular Glass


Blocks:610(max.)*460(max.)*(20~150)mm,also can cut small pcs according customer request.
Pipe: Sealing caps of equipment and products of special form could be customized.



1.The inorganic heat insulator with the main constituent of borosilicate acid glass,has the advantage of acid-resistant ,alkali – resisting , low – temperature and no sopping.

2.The airtight hole structure ,has excellent heat preservation function ,with low density and light wight.

3.Can be widely applied ,application performance is quite stable under the temperature between -190°C till +450°C.

4.It is installed conveniently and is easy to incise .It is also avirulent and it donesn’t burn .

5.Environmental protection ,safe interior wall and outer wall keep warm.

6.Fire prevention belt.

7.Foof waterproof and insulation.

8.Foot beauty.

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