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Glass Wool Board

Glass Wool Board
Density: 24-96kgs / m3.
Thickness: 25-100mm.
Length: 800mm-2200mm.

Width: 600mm-1200mm.

Facing:aluminum foil, kraft paper or fiberglass fabric.

Thermal Conductivity:0.036W/M.K0.042W/M.K 
Fiber diameter:6 um
Heat resistance coefficient:1.16-2.56M2.K/M 
Non-combustibility A1(nonflaming)
Water absorprion:0.2%
Water repellent rate:99% 
Corrosion resistance,Nice chemical stability 
Moldy resistance capacity,No poison,No mildew  
Sound insulation coefficient:
500HZ 1.13--1.22
1000HZ 1.09-1.06
2000HZ 1.04-1.00

Widely used for the heat insulation and sound absorption in building field,pipes section,wires and so on. 

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