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Non-formaldehyde glass wool, Formaldehyde-free glass wool

Product Description:

Formaldehyde-free glass wool has no any formaldehyde content. It is environment friendly, 

widely used for sound insulation and thermal insulation, specially for oven insulation application.


Technical Parameters:
Thermal Conductivity:0.038-0.042 W/M.K.
Fiber diameter:0.6-0.8um.
Fire Rating:Grade A.
Water absorption:less than 0.2%.
Sound insulation coefficient:0.8-1.1.
Slag nodule content: less than 0.3%.
Applicable temperature: -120-400 C degree.


Product Application:

Ceiling and wall insulation for building aimed at energy-saving.
Sound absorption material in building.
Thermal insulation and Shock absorption for vehicle, refrigeration plant, home appliance,Air conditioner,Shipping vessels,Wall interior partition,train compartment..

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