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Rubber Foam Pipe Insulation

Rubber Foam Pipe Insulation


Density: 40-110KG  

Thickness: 5-30mm

Length: 1.80m, Clients requested size is acceptable.  

Inner diameter: 6-89mm

Fire rating: B1,B2

Materials: PVC,NBR

Thermal Conductivity: 0.038 W/M.K 

Oxygen index: 28-40

Utility temperature: -40 C degree-105 C degree


Widely used as differrnt kinds of water vapor pipeline heat preservation,heat insulation in central air conditioning engine room, 
wind pipeline heat preservation and heat insulation and etc. It has the good resisting dew-together capability,sound absorption, 
shock absorption,low density,Obturation air bladder frame,low thermal conductivity,low water vapor transmissibility,rich plasticity,construct convenience and etc.

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