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Sealing Strip For Curtain Wall

Product Description:
It is made of normal density plastic/rubber foam,coated with high tack pressure 
sensitive adhesive on both sides.It is widely used as well-suited spacers for various structural glazing applications.These tapes keep the glass in its position properly with aluminium frame while the sealant is applied and cured.

Product Details:
Material:Plastic Rubber foam.  
Adhesive Side:Double Sides.  
Adhesive type:Pressure Sensitive or hot sensitive.  
Color:black,white,gray,or other customized.
Liner color:blue,red,green,white,yellow or customized. 
Liner material:pe or kraft paper.
Hardness:above 35 degree.  
Thickness:1-10mm or other requested thickness.
Width:6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,20mm or other requested width. 
Standard Length:1000mm. 

1.With stable quality in a wide temperature range.
2.Excellent weather resistance, waterproof, Corrosion resistance.
4.Corrosion resistance: resistant to salt water, oil, acid, alkali. Antibacterial, non-toxic chemical, tasteless, no pollution.
5.Shock resistant: recovery and resistance to high tension, high toughness, good shockproof performance.
6.Resistant to cold and exposure.
7.Soundproof effect is good.

Used for the double-sided fixing of curtain wall, door and windows sealing and waterproof, 
also can be used to in hollow glass and furniture area,etc

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